Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Cost.

The Ultimate, All-in-One, Contact Centre Solution.

Introducing Apex CCP, the seamless solution that streamlines communication, boosts agent productivity, and empowers data-driven decisions.

Is your existing Contact Centre Software?

- Over-Complicated? It takes too long to onboard and train new staff?

- Difficult to Manage? Reports and analytics don't tell you what you need to know. You have to jump around the system to find what you need? If you can find it at all...

- Slow Support? Your existing support is too slow to fix issues or takes too long to upgrade your workflows, add data or new staff?

- Expensive Licensing? Are you tied-in to expensive licensing and inflexible contracts? Are you having to pay for more agent licenses than you're currently using?

Is it time to try the APEX way?

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APEX, the no-nonsense, multi channel contact centre solution,
designed to deliver the SALES and SERVICE your business demands.

call allocation
Rapid Call Allocation

Calls and chats are fed to agents upon answered connection, so they spend the maximum time talking to customers and prospects.

Our systems are constantly developed and utilise the latest A.I. to improve efficiency. Ongoing improvements for you.

contact centre dashboard
Powerful Dashboards

The user dashboard gives agents comprehensive data at their fingertips. It's also easy to add customer information to the system mid-call.

The manager dashboard makes it easy to monitor agent success and manage the whole company.

contact centre software server
Maximum Uptime

Our infrastructure is managed through fast servers with robust contingency. You get maximum uptime and crystal-clear audio.

And you have the security of our outstanding support team if you ever have a problem.

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Achieving Sales Goals

Our software makes it easy to have all the customer history at your fingertips.

Making conversations more impactful and sales goals achieved with ease.

Adding agents and resources for busy periods is straightforward too.

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Complete Customer Service

APEX manages incoming calls and messaging easily.

We setup your system so handling customer enquiries professionally, every time - is a breeze.

data upload
Easy Data & Customisation

It's easy and fast to add new contact data to APEX. We can upload your data or interact with your CRM using our API.

We'll also add workflows, direct lines, team groups, notifications and customisations to fit your business.

All the features you need. None of the things you don't.

Communicate Everywhere

Engage with your customers on their preferred channels, from phone and email to SMS, WhatsApp, and webchat, for a unified experience.

Increased customer satisfaction: Meet customers where they are, reducing frustration and improving response times.

Reduced agent switching: Handle all enquiries within the platform, eliminating handoffs and ensuring continuity.

Improved operational efficiency: Manage all channels from a single interface, streamlining workflows and reducing workload.

Prolific Agents

Reduce hold times, centralise tasks, and integrate with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho. Empower your agents to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Reduced hold times: Automate call routing and eliminate manual task switching, allowing agents to take calls faster.

Centralised administration: Access customer information, call history, and notes within a single interface, minimising navigation time.

Streamlined CRM integration: Pull customer data directly from your CRM, reducing manual data entry and saving time.

Insightful Management

Access pre-built reports and create custom reports for key metrics like call volume, resolution rates, and agent performance. Leverage PowerBI integration for deeper data analysis and informed decision-making.

Identify trends and patterns: Understand customer behaviour and agent performance to optimise resource allocation and training.

Measure performance against goals: Track key metrics and KPIs to assess progress and identify areas for improvement.

Make data-driven decisions: Use insights to improve customer service, agent training, and overall contact centre operations.

Continually Improving

Store all your recordings for regulatory compliance and valuable training opportunities. Monitor or jump-in to live calls and chats. Easily access recordings for playback, quality assurance, and coaching.

Ensure compliance: Meet industry regulations and legal requirements for call recording storage.

Improve agent performance: Identify coaching opportunities by monitoring or reviewing calls and providing constructive feedback.

Enhance customer service: Analyse call recordings to understand customer needs and improve service delivery.

All packages include:

Outbound Calls, Emails, SMS, WhatsApp

Inbound Calls, Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Webchats

Autodial, predictive dial, answer machine detection

Call recordings for training & monitoring

Manager reports, CRM integrations

Enhanced with the latest AI Technologies

Your service will run on our high spec servers for super low latency connections.

Flexible Pricing.

Outstanding Support.

Flexible monthly pricing that moves up and down according to the number of agents using the system.

No long term contracts or tie-ins, giving your business maximum flexibility.

UK based support team with a dedicated account manager for every client, no matter how big you are.

Rapid Onboarding & Training, you can be online and making calls in one business day.

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